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Our taxi company offers its services in Beziers, Béziers  Cap d’Agde Airport, Hérault region and in whole France. We offer a wide range of transport services for your daily trips, shuttles with Beziers Airport.  A2A Taxi in Béziers  Airport covers a very important area to satisfy you. Thus, you can count on us whether for one-off trips and regular, local and national. Our Taxi company in Beziers and its area offers you trips whether alone, in a couple, or in a group. Thanks to our network of taxi drivers in the Hérault region, we can transport you with several vehicles according to your needs. Feel free to visit all our transport options, then contact us or book your taxi driver in Beziers.

24/24 & 7/7

A taxi driver available on Beziers at any time.

1 to 8 passengers

1 to 8 available seats in our sedans and minibus.

All Distances

Reservation possible for all distances.

Prices of your taxi on Beziers

Clear & Transparent Rates

Rates that are offered by the taxi company are regulated. Thus, you will have a mode of transport with cheap prices totally in agreement with the regulation enforced by the Hérault prefecture. We do not charge you excessive fares for your travel. In addition, we offer discounts for long distances. Thus, get interesting taxi fares far from Beziers, Montpellier in all the cities of Hérault and other departments of France.

Transport confortable en Taxi sur la région de Béziers

Comfortable vehicles at regulated rates

All Distances Transport - vehicles from 1 to 8 passengers

We will be your preferred partner for your taxi trips in Beziers but also to all your destinations. Thus, we will drive you as well in the city of Beziers, in the neighboring communes as Corneilhan, Lignan-sur-Orb, Lespignan, or long distances trips in Montpellier, Marseille or even Paris

We will provide you with a suitable taxi adapted vehicle in Beziers according to your needs. Whether you want a Sedan from 1 to 4 passengers or a van from 1 to 8 passengers. Feel free to contact us to ask for a personalized quote. 


Our Transport Services

Our Taxi transport company in Beziers meets all your needs and desires for travel. You want to offer to your sweetheart a candlelight evening in a restaurant, do not worry about the transport. Contact our taxi transport company in Beziers and its area and we will assure you a successful evening. We ensure the transport from your home to her home, then from there to the restaurant of your choice.

After a busy week, you feel the need to relax and de-stress, and you know that a night in a disco will not hurt. Too tired to drive or not very lucid after the drunken evening  that you will spend, contact us for your trip. So you can enjoy your evening and return safely.

To enjoy a beautiful performance of Daniel D. Lewis at the theater, call our company to take you to the theater. Whether at the Minotaur Theater, at the Municipal Theater in Beziers or at the Jean Vilar Theater, at the Vignette Theater, at the Printemps des Comédiens or at the Domaine d’O in Montpellier, we are able to take you there and bring you back at your home once the show is over. The same goes for cinemas in the region. If you are a fan of cinema, box office and do not want to miss anything new, we will act to allow you not to miss the release of all your cult movies.

For an evening at the restaurant, theater or cinema with friends, our company also ensures your travel. Among our fleet of vehicles, some can provide taxi transport from 1 to 8 people in the region of Beziers and beyond. You can therefore from the car ride create the atmosphere sought on the scene of your evening. For an evening of celebration or gala between you and your co-workers, you can also call on our services. Our luxurious taxi vehicles will drive you. And if you wish, the “Taxi” model will be removed from the vehicle.

Our taxi company based in Beziers is at your disposal to meet your travel needs in the Beziers region :

    • Corneilhan
    • Lignan-sur-Orb
    • Lieuran-lès-Béziers
    • Bassan
    • Boujan-sur-Libron
    • Servian
    • Maraussan
    • Maureilhan
    • Montady
    • Montblanc
    • Cers
    • Colombiers
    • Lespignan
    • Sauvian
    • Vendres
    • Villeneuve-lès-Béziers

Our company is at your service for your taxi shuttles with all the cities of Occitanie such as :

    • Toulouse
    • Montpellier
    • Nîmes
    • Perpignan
    • Montauban
    • Narbonne
    • Albi
    • Carcassonne
    • Sète
    • Castres
    • Tarbes
    • Alès
    • Colomiers
    • Agde
    • Tournefeuille
    • Lunel
    • Muret
    • Blagnac
    • Rodez
    • Frontignan
    • Millau
    • Auch

So for any need of transport on demand, call us. Nowadays, transport on demand is an effective way to make the customer happy with his ride. It also allows better management of road traffic more and more crowded by traffic jams. Take advantage of this opportunity too. Our vehicles can transport one or more people. So you can call during your trips solo, couple, with family or friends. Thanks to the transport on demand you can benefit from frequent travel between Hérault and the rest of France. You can choose to subscribe to this type of transport to ensure better management of your trips.

Our taxi runs all the streets of Beziers, Montpellier and all the cities in Occitania. You can also use the all-distance service. We therefore offer you a trip to the city of France where your business will take you. For business trips in Île-de-France or in the Rhône we will put fast and comfortable vehicles at your disposoal. We can also take you on a weekend away from the daily stress of your activities. Enjoy a few days of rest on the beautiful beaches of the Côte d’Azur or enjoy hiking in the mountains of the south of France. Our company and its vehicles ensure completely secure journeys.

To spend a pleasant weekend at the seaside, you will not need to visit the Côte d’Azur, Corsica or the Bouches-du-Rhone. The Hérault also has great seaside resorts where you can enjoy the sea, the fine sand of the beach and other great activities just as exciting as entertaining. You have the choice between Carnon Beach, Palavas-les-Flots, Vic-la-Gardiole, Sete, Marseillan Beach, Vias Beach, Sérignan, Valras, Vendres and many others. Enjoy with your family clear waters where you can swim or camping places not far from the beaches. At the seaside resort of Vic-la-Gardiole, you can enjoy many winter sports activities. It is thus the ideal place for the great amateurs of kitesurf or windsurfing. Also enjoy the beautiful walks that Mont Saint-Clair offers in the resort of Sète. Of all the seaside resorts in the Hérault, the most attractive is obviously Cap d’Agde. Located on the edge of the Mont Saint-Loup at the edge of the Mediterranean Sea, it has many assets to make you spend pleasant moments alone, with family or friends. A naturist village built around a beautiful beach, has a small marina and a wintering fleet of boats. There are many recreational areas to enhance your holiday. They are amusement parks, casinos, bars, discotheques, a museum of underwater archeology. And for the history you can also visit the remains of Embonne, one of the oldest witnesses of the landing during the Second World War. Near Cap d’Agde, enjoy the calm and the very green nature of Marseillan.

Our taxi company in Beziers ensures your transport to the stations of Beziers, Montpellier, HéraultParis, and the rest of France. For your train travel in one of the train stations in the area, use our taxis to take you to your station. In this way you will avoid road traffic and parking difficulties near train stations with your own vehicle. Punctuality is a value cultivated within our society. Our drivers and our vehicles therefore guarantee to bring you to your station at the indicated time and to avoid any inconvenience related to the delay. With public transport, all your requirements are not always respected. And who can you complain to ? Obviously nobody. We will do our utmost to satisfy your every need. It is therefore in vehicles where comfort and safety prevail that travel will be from your home to the embarkation docks.

For your train journeys in one of the stations of the department or the region, call us to drive you there safely. For this shuttle service to Beziers, you can count on Taxi company’s rating. Make the trip with your personal car, you will face constraints including traffic and parking near stations. You may also be at risk of being late and missing your train. Traveling to the train stations with our company offers you a very pleasant comfort that you will not find with public transport. Very good reasons to pick up your phone or visit our site to book your taxi for your trips to the station.

No station is an exception to our station transport service. Whether in Autignac, Beaufort, Beaulieu, Bouzigues, Castries, Clermont-l’Herault or Vias, we cover all their stations. Our company will take you to your train or TGV. We also take into account your movements when you get off the station to take you to your home, your workplace or wherever you want.

We wish to fulfill you by making all your displacements a real pleasure. You will find among the many services we offer, a service of taxi driver provision in Beziers. It consists of renting a car from our fleet to which we charter a driver to drive you wherever needed. This service includes many special advantages such as the absence of the “taxi” sign. You will be comfortably installed in our car and enjoy the privileges of a car owner with driver. The vehicle and the driver will be at your disposal throughout the duration of your reservation.

For the needs of your business, we are willing to provide you with a vehicle and a driver. You can also contact us to serve you at your wedding. The service at a wedding includes the decoration of the vehicle. The driver will be dressed in a tunic adapted to the circumstances. They will take you from your home to the front of the church, and from there to your place of reception. For your needs of trips and discovery of tourist circuits in Beziers or in the Hérault, we are still the company that you need.

In all the years of our existence, we have always been committed to respecting all the commitments we make to our customers. All our employees, the drivers especially show a professionalism that will seduce you. All the tasks inherent to our services are executed taking into account the quality of listening and execution which are our privilege. It is these aptitudes that define us.